Webinars overview & upcoming webinars

About PASA Webinars

Webinars are particularly effective in the ANZ market as they enable us to communicate effectively with procurement professionals without geographic constraints. Our webinars cover niche and general interest topics.

Are you interested in presenting a webinar? Contact vanessa@bttbonline.com

Upcoming FREE Webinar:The 8th RIGHT – The Imperative of the RIGHT CONTRACT MANAGEMENT





 Sponsorship Opportunities

PASA webinars provide an excellent opportunity for suppliers or service providers to raise their brand profile and engage directly with the procurement audience. As a sponsor, you will receive exposure in the marketing, delivery and archive store. For details, contact:

Nigel Pretty | Email: Nigelp@bttbonline.com | Tel: 07 5644 0510

Vanessa Preece | Email: Vanessa@bttbonline.com | Tel: 07 5644 0506