What is the ‘Mood of the Buyer’?


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PASA has partnered with Trinity Perspectives, a leading consultancy delivering outcomes for B2B sales companies through Win Loss Analysis and Sales Transformation programs, to promote a research project called ‘Mood of the Buyer’.

The research is taking the pulse of the mood of procurement and c-suite buyers across the country, including what they like and dislike about the sales people they engage with. They want gather empirical evidence to help change and improve the behaviours of vendors and create a better understanding of how they can and should engage with procurement people.

The questions will take about 5 minutes to answer and we’ll share the final research report with everyone who participates.

Take the Mood of the Buyer survey


For a fuller explanation check out this 90 second video where Cian McLoughlin, CEO at Trinity Perspectives, shares a little more background on the project:

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