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Blockchain: The Emerging Application Platform for Digital Business Ecosystems

Blockchain is an emerging technology that fundamentally changes the way information is shared and business rules are executed and managed between partners in a digitally connected ecosystem.

The technology enables the development of an entirely new class of distributed application and holds immense promise for process and business model innovation.

However, blockchain is in its infancy and poorly understood, in no small part as a result of its inherent complexity.

To develop suitable use cases, business leaders must first better understand the technology, its unique characteristics and its limitations.

This research covers four major areas:

  • Understanding Blockchain and Blockchain Platforms
  • Understanding Blockchain Value Drivers
  • Understanding Blockchain’s Limitations and Challenges
  • Understanding Blockchain Types

Download The Hackett Group paper to enhance your understanding of:

  1. What blockchain is and its 7 key characteristics
  2. Blockchain types and use case examples
  3. Important value drivers
  4. Blockchain’s challenges and limitation
  5. Strategic implications for your organization

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