The Gig Economy Is Thriving In Asia Pacific


Author: Kelly Outsourcing and Consulting Group

Is the gig economy a hype that will eventually fizzle out as the dust settles? Not so, according to the latest research from Kelly Services Outsourcing and Consulting Group. 84% of talent managers in Asia-Pacific hire or use gig workers, the region with the highest percentage globally, as compared to the global average of 65%. A sure sign that gig work is thriving especially in the APAC region.

3 in 4 talent or hiring managers in APAC (79%) say a much more flexible and fluid workforce will emerge as a way to navigate an increasingly dynamic global business climate. A way forward for organisations to achieve scalability and flexibility.

And the advantages are clear. Globally 75% of global free agents engaging gig workers experience at least a 20% labour costs savings and 72% say using gig workers gives their team or organisation a competitive advantage.

This drive in demand for gig workers also known as free agents, is not unilateral. Workers have chosen free agency work by choice. 75% of global free agents choose gig work for positive reasons, seeing it as a way to improve their personal and professional lives.

“KellyOCG has long advocated for a more flexible work arrangement besides the traditional “9-5” workday, as well as integrating permanent and contingent talent in organisations. Companies in APAC who optimise their workforce by taking a holistic approach, reap greater benefits and the competitive advantage of a more agile workforce,” said Peter Hamilton, Vice President & Regional Director of APAC at KellyOCG.

To understand organisations maturity level in leveraging the gig workforce, the Kelly research includes a Workforce Optimisation Maturity Index, providing insights if they are using gig workers less effectively as their peers, called laggards. The most-skilled organisations are innovators.

Innovators make up just 13% of all companies but can reap big reap big rewards when it comes to deploying and leveraging gig labour. Innovators are heavy users of gig labour and tend to use independents for highly visible and strategic challenges as they view gig workers not as outsiders, but as a critical and valuable component of the overall workforce.

“Companies can harness the full value that these workers bring if they are successfully embedded into the organisations they work for. With APAC being a key contributor to the global gig economy, there is an urgency to introduce a more agile way of working to fully leverage the gig economy and move ahead,” added Pete.

Embracing (or confronting) these dynamics can help leading organisations craft a pathway to the benefits that go along with a highly agile workforce strategy.

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